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Fog Security System – The way of work

  The behaviors that may occur during the theft are described with a scenario. When the DabSIS Security System is activated, it prevents the loss of life and property in a short period of about 15 seconds. 

  • + 40-70 M²  = FILL at O0.00.10 seconds
  • + 80-110 M²   = FILL at 00.00.15 seconds

Fog Security System – Capacity Analysis

 DabSIS Security System can be installed as two or more additional devices in order to place exploration analysis with our technical team that comes with your order as a result of protecting larger and important areas. The determine of external equipment such as reducing and prolonging the fog spraying time, augmenting or decreasing number of motion detectors are determined as a result of the site exploration analysis of our technical team.When the Fog Chemical used, certainly there is no harm in breathing.It contains water and sugar.

Dabsis Bloked !