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Fog Chemical – Performances

   The fog machine cannot generate smoke by itself.It needs power (electricity) and the chemical which will turn into smoke for the machine for run.This substance is calledfog machine liquid or fog liquid. The fog liquid substance consists of a mixture of glycol and water and is in liquid form. This Liquid is specially produced to be processed in the Fog machine and turned into fog.

     DabSIS Fog Machines;

  • + 40-70 M²  = FILL at O0.00.10seconds
  • + 80-110 M²  = FILL at 00.00.15 seconds

Fog Chemical – Consistency and Production Analysis

    It is a chemical produced for the use of Dabsis Security Systems. As Dense Fog Liquid, it is much more effective in small amounts compared to chemicals supplied from abroad. We have been producing “DRAGON FOG” chemical for 5 years in Turkey. DEFINITELY NO HARM TO HEALTH (check our documents.)

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