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Device: It is filled withfog with the command it received where located by the motion detectors (pır) that are placed where they want to be protected.
It is designed to prevent take away any object by blocking the sight of foreign people entering .

The system you have purchased is a device planned to protect your home and workplaces, and works 7/24 as day or night. The device works with motion sensors, panic button and remote control connected to it. The device works in two modes (DAY and NIGHT).DabSIS Security System can fill an area with fog for 15 seconds in one activation and has the capability to cover at least 50-75 m2 area. Between 1 and 10 motion detector (pır) can be connected to the device. Several panic buttons can be connected at the same time. The device’s tank is 250ml volume and for 2 uses. SISBANK can be connected to any alarm system in interconnected operation.
It is 100% domestic production.

  • Workplace Security
  • Home Security
  • Factory Security
  • Office Security
  • Garage Security

It is a chemical produced for the use of Dabsis Security Systems. As Dense Fog Liquid, it is much more effective in small amounts compared to chemicals supplied from abroad. We have been producing “DRAGON FOG” chemical for 5 years in Turkey.

 NO HARM TO HEALTH (check our documents.)

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