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    The fog machine cannot generate smoke by itself. It needs power (electricity) and the chemical which will turn into smoke for the machine for run. This substance is called fog machine liquid or fog liquid. On the other hand, substance of fog machine liquid. The fog liquid substance consists of a mixture of glycol and water and is in liquid form. This Liquid is specially produced to be processed in the Fog machine and turned into smoke.

  • The raw material is 100% domestic production and is offered for sale by our company first hand in 5 liter drums as wholesale or retail.
  • Our Fog Liquids are available in Orange odour (Yellow Color) and Odorless (Blue Color) in drums.
  • It gives excellent results with its intense concentrated formula.
  • Thanks to its intense formula, it is permanent in the air.
  • It can be easily used in fair atmosphere and laser shows.
  • You don’t pay extra price to fragrances.
  • It can be used in all Fog Machines without any problem.
  • It doesn’t easily clog the fog reservoir, which are frequently choke up due to fog liquids, and the life of your fog machine is extended!


It is a chemical produced for the use of DabSIS Security Systems. As Dense Fog Liquid, it is much more effective in small amounts compared to chemicals supplied from abroad. We have been producing “DRAGON FOG” chemical for 5 years in Turkey.

 DEFINITELY NO HARM TO HEALTH (check our documents.)


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